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The Rings of Power Episode 1-4 Roundtable 

After the success of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, it was only a matter of time until a TV show was produced. When The Rings of Power hit the streaming services, it was one of the most anticipated shows this fall. Welcome to our roundtable with Paula and Maria! 

How do you feel the new show fits into the existing movie cannon? 

M: I had some trouble getting into it. I have the feeling the show is aimed at die hard book fans. In my opinion, this is a mistake. The movies brought Tolkien’s stories to a wider audience, and it is somehow alienating them. I wish a little more context would have been given. Only little reference is given to the timeline. 

P: I found it very appealing and well made. As soon as the first episode began, I was already hooked. I think they did a great job bringing the books’ stories “to life”. It’s true that the movies are different and captured a diverse target. However, the fact that this is a show -this means a different product than a movie – brought a perfect opportunity to make these stories as accurate as possible. I think that’s a very intelligent move.

Do you believe Galadriel’s character (Morfydd Clark) is consistent with the movies? 

M: She feels like a different character so far. The Galadriel of the movies is ethereal and mysterious, while the show’s Galadriel is a powerful warrior, bordering on the obsessive. I understand she is supposed to be a young hot shot, while the movie’s Galadriel is an elderly lady, but currently she doesn’t feel like the same character. I would love to see some of her spirituality. 

P: I see a very different Galadriel in this show. It’s like the other side of the coin. We must remember that so many years passed between this show’s events and the movies, so it’s obvious that Galadriel will have a significant development. I believe all these adventures and ferocious character she’s showing now will be the foundation of the Galadriel we already know.

There were many online complaints about people of color playing elves. How do you feel about it? 

M: I feel appalled that this is even a discussion. Art is about bringing people together, and as such it should represent humanity in its entirety. That being said: Of course there should be elves from different ethnic groups. Representation matters!

Humans have different ethnic backgrounds, so should elves, hobbits and dwarves, as they have been based on the human race. By the way, Ismael Cruz Cordova does an amazing job portraying Arondir. He is by far my favorite character so far. 

I want to add that I believe that apart from bigotry and racism, this discussion also stems from a misunderstanding of the meaning of the word “fair”. While a very common meaning is light-colored, it also means “beautiful”. This means the casting choices aren’t even a contradiction with the source material, as some people tried to argue. 

P: I feel the topic of discussion and its context is already ridiculous. In fact, I find it funny that in a fantasy show involving different mythical creatures -this means, NON EXISTENT-, they can’t comprehend or accept as “realistic” is the skin color of elves?? It doesn’t make sense to even type it or say it out loud.

I am very glad that they introduced different ethnicities among elves, dwarves and hobbits, though. Representation is essential in every aspect, and the fact they did it with such a big franchise as The Lord of The Rings is a great thing.

We have seen some characters, apart from Galadriel, appear in the movies, or related to these. Do you think it would be a good idea to introduce these movie characters into the show, like a time jump forward?

M: That is a good question. While I am all for tying the movies of a franchise together, in this case with the timeline, it seems difficult. I really enjoy how Elrond (Robert Aramayo) has been tied into the series. Robert Aramayo is doing a great job hitting the tone Hugo Weaving set in the original movies. I was blown away when Isildur (Maxim Baldry) appeared, but I believe this must be handled carefully, to allow the show to stand on its own. A character that would make sense, however, is Celeborn (Marton Csokas). 

P: I must admit I have mixed feelings here. I loved seeing characters like Elrond or Isildur, even Durin (Peter Mullan), and on one hand I’d love to see more known characters; but on the other hand I think that’s dangerous. It could create confusion or the wrong impression, as the movie and the show are focused in completely different ways, and we could get a wrong perception of our beloved characters. 

That being said, if Aragorn made a small appearance I wouldn’t complain at all!

How do you rate “The Rings of Power” (1-10)? 

M: 6. The Rings of Power has potential, but there is currently some room for improvement. 

P: For now I rate it with a 7,5. I believe the beginning was great and it looks very promising, but I think there is a high chance for great development in many aspects.

Do you agree with Paula and Maria? How would you rate the show “The Rings of Power” so far? Let us know in the comments.

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