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Virgin River Season 4 Review

Virgin River is an American romantic drama television series based on the novels by Robyn Carr. Season 4 aired on Netflix on July 20, 2022, and we thought about doing a Round Table Review for this one. Joining me (Rike) are Paula and Sara. Are you ready for this one? Let’s go!

Q: Are you happy with Jack (Martin Henderson) being the father of Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) baby, or were you hoping for something different to happen?

Paula: To be honest, I would have been happy if it had been Mark’s (Daniel Gillies) baby but I’m so glad it’s Jack’s, because that means Mel will have a rest from Mark’s tedious family. Obviously, I love Mark so much, Daniel Gillies did such an amazing job, but I also love Mel and believe she deserves peace and happiness with Jack.

Rike: I’m gonna be honest with you. I started watching the show because of Daniel Gillies, who portrays Mark. However, I’m relieved this story ended now with Jack being the father of Mel’s baby. Mark’s family is getting on my nerves, and I hope now that we know the father, this storyline is done. Jack and Mel deserve some peace now. At least with all the family drama. The engagement ring drama. The custody drama IF Mark would have been the father. No, I don’t need that. Jack deserves this, and I’m sure he’ll be a perfect father.

Sara: I’ll be honest, the whole reason I watched the show was for Daniel Gillies, so when I realized Mark’s storyline, I was bummed. But the show grew on me so much. I genuinely love all of the characters, they’re all human and make mistakes, and that’s very important. Jack is such an amazing character. On one hand, I’m glad the baby is Jack’s, purely because Mel can have a rest from Mark’s family that doesn’t seem very nice at all. But I believe if the baby was Mark’s, Jack would’ve loved the baby as his irregardless. I’m glad they can put the Monroe family drama behind them (hopefully!) – Mel and Jack deserve nothing but the best.

Virgin River

Q: Paige (Lexa Doig) and Christopher (Chase Petriw) are finally safe. Do you think now that Paige is back, Preacher (Colin Lawrence) will end things with Julia (Lucia Walters)?

Paula: That’s a tricky question…We have seen how devoted Preacher is to Paige and Christopher, but I think he acted out of pure love and loyalty towards them. I don’t think he’ll end things with Julia, but maybe they’ll be on a break until things cool down. Preacher deserves some peace and happiness, and I’m sure he’ll get a well-deserved rest, since they are finally safe. On the other hand, maybe things with Julia will be tough.

Rike: Paige and Christopher are playing a big part in Preacher’s life, but I’m pretty sure he won’t end things with Julia. He can still be there for them and be a good best friend, without needing to have a relationship. Preacher deserves happiness. He deserves someone who cares about him a lot. Hopefully Julia can be that person. However, I think that there’s a possibility that Julia will end things with Preacher after some time because of the bond he has with the two of them.

Sara: That’s a tough one. Ultimately, Preacher should put his happiness first. We know he adores Christopher and seemingly had feelings for Paige. But it is also obvious he has feelings for Julia. I cannot say what will happen if I’m honest, I’m not sure what I’d prefer. Both women are amazing, and Preacher appears to have feelings for both women. Maybe Julia would end things with Preacher herself to save him the trouble of doing so.

Q: Brady’s (Benjamin Hollingsworth) name is finally clear after all, as we got to know who shot Jack two seasons ago. Now the question is: Is Vince (Steve Bacic) just unconscious or dead after Preacher knocked him out before he could kill Paige?

Paula: Umm we know how this works: No corpse = no dead. I believe Vince is definitely alive and will throw a few lower punches to Preacher, Paige and Christopher. However, I hope he’ll get his deserved justice and ends up in prison, while Paige and Christopher live in peace. They deserve it, and Vince deserves to pay for everything he’s done.

Rike: Oh c’mon. By now, we should know how the series works, right? He’s probably just unconscious and about to cause more drama next season. Nothing is impossible, right? But if he’s actually just unconscious, I hope he’ll get what he deserves next season. Put him in jail, please and thank you.

Sara: I doubt he’s dead. I imagine there’s more drama to come for Paige and Christoper. Vince doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who gives up easily. For dramatic purposes, he’ll probably turn back up in a moment where everything seems to be going smoothly.

Q: Melissa Montgomery (Barbara Pollard). One woman. Another big problem is coming, right? She is now in charge of Calvin’s (David Cubitt) drug operation. However, do you think Calvin is actually dead, or did he jump off the boat before it exploded?

Paula: Oh dear Lord, the fear I felt as soon as I saw this woman on screen…I immediately knew she was trouble. I believe she’ll be a way more dangerous character than Calvin. As of Calvin, I’m 100% sure he’s alive. As I said before: no corpse = no dead. We didn’t see him when the boat exploded, he surrounded it, so I’m pretty sure he jumped off and faked it to confuse people.

Rike: God, this woman gave me some bad vibes immediately. Pretty good successor if you ask me. However, just like with Vince, I don’t think Calvin is dead. This whole scene gave me major Outer Banks vibes. Ward (Charles Esten) also managed to jump off the boat before it exploded, and then lived a peaceful life without the police trying to catch him (at least for some time). He will be back for sure. Maybe it was him being the paparazzi after all, taking photos of Melissa, Mel, Jack and Nick (Keith MacKechnie). Who knows? I can’t wait for the next season to arrive.

Sara: As soon as I saw her onscreen, I felt she’d cause some sort of trouble. I fear she may end up being worse than Calvin! I feel like Calvin is probably still alive and will turn up at some point. He definitely had a plan before he decided to do what he did.

Q: Your score on Season 4 of Virgin River (1-10)?

Paula: I’ll give it a good 8/10. I didn’t like Denny’s (Kai Bradbury) character, but the rest was just phenomenal! And I would have included a few more flashbacks of Mark, but that’s just my love for Mark/Daniel’s love speaking.

Rike: Let’s go with a solid 7.5. A big thing which bothered me was Danny’s storyline in general, and some other small hiccups every then and now.

Sara: I’d give it an 8! It was a great season. The only thing I wasn’t fussed on was the introduction of Denny. The character seemed there to cause trouble for all established characters. Whether I’ll warm up to him in the next season, we shall see.

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Rike is a very optimistic person who's trying to make the best out of everything. She's passionate about traveling, concerts, football and conventions. Most of the time she’s carrying her camera around to capture some moments. Her favorite football club is Borussia Dortmund and if she’s not watching the games on tv she's probably being in the stadium supporting the team.
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