Manifest Season 4 Part 2

Manifest Season 4 Episode 2 “All Call” Review

Manifest is a supernatural drama television series created by Jeff Rake. The final season (Season 4) aired on Netflix on November 4, 2022. Let’s discuss Episode 2 of Manifest called “All Call”. Joining me (Rike) are Mandy, Anna Maria and Evi. Are you ready for this one? Let’s go then, but don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt before starting to read this.

Q: Your thoughts on Ben (Josh Dallas) going on the podcast?

R: He just wants to get some attention, and this seems like the easiest way if you are trying to think like Ben does at the moment. Many people listen to these podcasts, and he’s truly clutching at every straw he can find. We are still talking about his daughter, who’s been missing for not just a few days or weeks, but years. As a parent, you’re not giving up on something like that easily. You’re following every lead you can, even though it might sound completely dumb to people on the outside.

M: I mean, I get it. Like the NYPD closed the case, and he’s desperate to find Eden, so he’ll do everything he can to get her back. When you are in that mental state of losing your wife and child, and there’s a tiny chance the podcast could help get her back, you’d take it. Even if it’s not the best thing to do. At that moment, you don’t think about what could possibly be the consequences of your choice, you just do it. So I get why he did it.

A: Ben has not thought through this choice, and what consequences it might have for all the other 828’ers. It’s understandable that he wants to get attention, and to increase the chance to find Eden. Most people would probably have done the same if they were in the same situation Ben was.

E: Ben is at his breaking point. He’s doing everything he can to get one step closer to Eden. Ben knows the podcast, so it’s not completely random for him. He knows how it works and how it can help bring your thoughts into the world. He knows he can reach people obsessed with flight 828. So they will definitely help him. If you look at it from his perspective, you can’t blame him at all. He has done so many things to find Eden, and you hold on to the few things you can still do. If I were Ben, I’d do the same. Eden is his daughter, any parent would go miles.

Q: Do you feel bad for Angelina (Holly Taylor)?

R: I’m going to be completely honest here by saying no. Completely not. In her head, she might have her reasons for acting the way she does and kidnapping Eden. But, come on, Edin was a freaking baby when she took her. That’s completely crazy. Yes, Angelina believes she’s her guardian Angel. However, this whole story doesn’t sit right with me. On the other hand, I gotta admit that Holly Taylor is doing a perfect job by portraying this character. You know you did something right when the audience doesn’t like your character or even hates it. But it’s important not to forget the difference between a character and the actor/actress. Two different people.

M: Not at all. I’ve been saying it so many times these past few days, but she’s absolutely nuts for thinking what she did was a good thing. She murdered a woman who took her in, took care of her, and kidnapped her baby. That’s crazy. But if I remember how they found Angelina locked up by her parents, ready to do something bad to herself, I probably also feel for her that she did not get the safe basis from her parents that any kid should have and get. I don’t know what happened there nor in her childhood, but it might be the reason why she’s doing all these weird things.

Hats off to Holly Taylor. She has been doing an incredible job as Angelina. She had me screaming at her to my screen, but simultaneously I would also be in absolute awe of her acting. On this note, I would also love to remind the viewers that Holly is just a really good actress and that she is NOT Angelina. So when you’re voicing your opinion on social media towards the actors, all of them, keep that in mind please. That they are not their characters.

A: No, I’m not able to feel bad for her after what she did. Even though she did think Eden is her Guardian Angel, there is no excuse for her to kidnap Eden like that. A little, innocent baby. And also, let’s not forget she killed Grace (Athena Karkanis). I realize Angelina had a tough childhood, but still…I’m not able to feel bad for her.

E: Yes and no. I feel bad for her not having parents who took care of her like they should have. So in that way, I am. But definitely not after all the things she has done when she did have people who took care of her, like Grace and Olive. She had everything to get her life back on track. Obviously, she didn’t succeed. At this point, I’m not having faith anymore. She screwed up. It would be better if she showed some regret and respect. So in that way, no. I hope she realizes things in the end, though. But if I’m really honest, I don’t see that happening.

Q: Jared (J.R. Ramirez) and Drea (Ellen Tamaki). Did you expect this to happen, and do you think it’s going to last for a while?

R: Listen, whatever makes him happy. If he’s happy with Drea at the moment, so be it. He doesn’t deserve to chase Mick (Melissa Roxburgh) every single time, with no chance at the moment. It’s heartbreaking and not healthy at all. Maybe Drea can fill this gap in his heart, even though we know that these kinds of relationships don’t last long whenever Jared is involved, because at the end of the day Mick is still his number 1. Let’s see what’s going to happen.

M: Heck no! I do not like how they did another storyline that involves Jared and Michaela’s best friend hooking up together. They already did that in season 1. Was it really necessary to do it again with another best friend of Michaela? I just don’t get where it’s going and why they made this kind of choice. Drea knows them for 2 seasons now and knew they were still hung up on each other, at least that Jared was hung up on Michaela, and now has this friends with benefits thing with Jared? It just doesn’t sit right with me.

In my opinion, girlcode means you do not hook up with or get together with your best friend’s ex. Honestly, I would have preferred to see Drea having another love interest, for example someone like Saanvi (Parveen Kaur). I think their personalities would match really well, and they would have chemistry. It’s a shame they never get scenes together.

A: I definitely didn’t see it coming. I’ll be happy for him in the meantime, but I honestly hope it won’t last too long. I like Drea, but we all know Jared and Mick are meant to be. And I really need them to get together like ASAP.

E: I was in shock after that scene. No one saw this coming. Knowing Jared, no, this won’t last for long. It’s very obvious that he still loves Mick. I really want to know how this happened though. Maybe we’ll see that in the next episodes. Them being together has to mean something for the story. I’m waiting impatiently.

Have you seen the second Manifest episode “All Call” yet? If yes, what are your thoughts? Don’t forget to check this place when we will be back with more Manifest articles. In the meantime, you can read our review for the first episode called “Touch and Go” here.

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Rike is a very optimistic person who's trying to make the best out of everything. She's passionate about traveling, concerts, football and conventions. Most of the time she’s carrying her camera around to capture some moments. Her favorite football club is Borussia Dortmund and if she’s not watching the games on tv she's probably being in the stadium supporting the team.
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